work teams fail 60% of the time

Team initiatives often fail to accomplish their mission due to multiple issues: no sense of shared purpose, unclear roles, a lack of mutual accountability, or ineffective leadership. Our Team Leadership training program teaches your managers how to apply the right leadership style based on where the team is at developmentally in order to improve communication, increase productivity, and successfully lead team initiatives.

54% of people spend up to 43% of their day in team meetings and another 34% spend up to 50% of their time in team meetings*.

Yet 42% rarely, if ever, receive training
on how to lead teams*.

Having the ability to lead productive teams is critical to leveraging the strengths of individual team members, addressing cross-functional challenges, and getting work done in any company.

Are a Competitive ADVANTAGE

High-performing teams allow your organization to leverage the multiple skills, strengths, and experiences of its members to solve complex organizational problems, execute tasks quicker, optimize decision making, enhance creativity, and produce consistently superior results.

High performing team leadership styles improve team collaboration


High-performing teams bring together complementary skills, strengths, and experience, resulting in a sum far greater than its individual parts.

Adopt a team leadership model to achieve superior results | Ken Blanchard


Effective teams are empowered and accountable, consistently meeting their goals and delivering superior results.

Team leadership skills can increase teamwork and innovation


Working together, team members share their ideas, talent, and viewpoints to brainstorm creative solutions to complex problems.

Team leadership training leads to consistently high performing teams


Employees who have worked with a cohesive, high-functioning team spread the skills and benefits of collaboration across your organization.


We know you want your teams to work together effectively across your organization, and our Team Leadership training program can help your company build high-performing teams.

Team Leadership is a skills-based, practical training program designed to provide your team leaders with the process, tools and leadership abilities they need to empower team members, boost productivity, and increase the success of your team initiatives.

Based on in-depth research about great teams and how they work, Team Leadership teaches your managers the predictable stages of team development and the team leadership styles needed to move a team forward quickly and successfully.

Team performance process team leadership model | Ken Blanchard

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Team Leadership will train your managers to develop the leadership skills needed to create, support, and lead high performance teams..

*The Critical Role of Teams, The Ken Blanchard Companies